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Integrity &
Since 1982

Kerwin Brothers Painting
3345 N. Nevada St., Ste. 3
Chandler, AZ 85225

Office: 480-821-7370
Fax:     480-821-7399

ROC License # 091633






Who we are

Kerwin Brothers Painting is a family owned company whose reputation has been built on quality jobs and an impeccable safety record.  Over the past 30 years, KBP has developed a loyal clientele that includes such significant companies as Motorola, FreeScale, MicroChip
and other major microprocessing leaders as well as many municipalities and utilities.

KBP focuses on a highly flexible and trained staff to accommodate most types of job.  We invest in our employees by providing a variety of training.  Our flexibility shows in our ability to react to the changing environment of budgets and demands.  We are focused on getting the job done with the least possible impact to the client’s business.   

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