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Since 1982


Kerwin Brothers Painting
3345 N. Nevada St., Ste. 3
Chandler, AZ 85225

Office: 480-821-7370
Fax:     480-821-7399

ROC License # 091633







Major Microprocessing Facility
Over 500,000 square feet of high performance flooring installed at Chandler Microprocessing Facility including chemical resistant coatings and high traffic area, solvent and water based epoxies, containment areas, CRC high build systems - including fiberglass matte system,
and silica systems

New Construction Microprocessing Facility
Over 500,000 square feet facility
Floor, wall and ceiling epoxy for (entire interior of fabrication area), trench systems,
piping, clean room, smooth wall finishes

Major Microprocessing Facility - Albuquerque
Repaint of entire roof and scrubber equipment system on 50,000 square feet
roof of the microprocessing fabrication facility

Over 1,000,000 square feet facility - entire exterior, interior office spaces and common areas, boilers, parking lots, energy centers, industrial (exterior structural) equipment.  Facilities maintenance painting

Water Treatment Facilities
(City of Phoenix, City of Chandler, Chaparral Water Treatment, Phoenix Union School Systems) Water tanks and containment areas

McDonald Douglas
100,000 square feet hangar space, plus office buildings.
Painted interior of hangars used for Apache Helicopter assembly during production with no production impact

Major Metro Phoenix Employer
Commercial/industrial food service:  floors, walls, counters, ceilings, equipment

Impra Medical Supply Manufacturing
Complete interior, epoxy floors and wall paint (lobbies, offices, common areas), clean rooms

Various Microprocessing Facilities
Cooling towers refurbish, (sandblast, recoat with high build rubberized water submersible coatings)  Repaired and restored failed systems in containment areas (insurance jobs) Fire and smoke damage projects-re-paint

Community Projects (volunteer services)
Paint houses at WAFB (30-40)
Homeless shelter CASS-painted interior and exterior-complete renovation
Womens shelter(several facilities) interior and exterior
Boys & Girls Clubs (Chandler and Phoenix)
Salvation Army
Community outreach in conjunction with Chandler Police and Fire, exterior house painting



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